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Wedding photography and planning

Written by Wisitmaster wisit on .

wedding photoswedding photosPlanning your BIG DAY - don’t forget your photographer

 At CF10ten we can capture your big day WITH YOU & FOR YOU - CAPTURING ALL THOSE SPECIAL MOMENTS

With over 30 years experience in wedding photography we can help make your day a day to remember.  Every year we cover 10 weddings in return for a donation to our charities Children of Watamu & Caen Hill Countryside Centre.  We are based in Devizes, Wiltshire but will travel and have taken photos in Cambridge, Caerphilly, Oxford and even Kenya. If we are unable to take the photos we can recommend photographers who will capture your moment in time.

 If you would like to talk it over Contact us:  01380 723698  / 07816 816 125 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Preparing for your BIG DAY

Your wedding day is a very special day in your life together, and for your immediate family and friends. We are there to capture your wedding memories for you, forever.
We work hard to capture your day and to give you a DVD to allow you and your family to be able to choose their own album version of the day.
Our charges: We need to cover our core costs of travel and expenses, after that we ask for a donation towards our charities Children Of Watamu sponsoring Harrison  - the Caenhill Countryside Centre a rural learning centre for children in Devizes Wiltshire area.

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Suggested shot list:
Ushers, Groom, best man, bridesmaids, page boy,  bride, signing the register, car, church, parents, grandparents, immediate family, confetti, close friends, general shots (flowers, venues, tables,) speeches, kiss, cutting the cake, first dance - with a mixture of the above and other attendees on the day.
Its always best to talk to your photographer and go through the shots you want and not always what the photographer wants, remember its your day. Its also good to have candid shots which are often the best we have even covered weddings where no posed photos were required. We also look for fun shots and make sure there are plenty of *smiles* Normally you end up with 800 + photos in high quality and they are given to you on a disc and dropbox for you to do what you wish. You own the copyright not the photographer.

We have attended many weddings in many different venues, with large and small groups, with just one or many bridesmaids -  even had a dog as a bridesmaid once!

To enable your wedding to go as well as can be expected, it is best to  plan ahead.
Firstly, what style do you want - posed and planned,  candid, what locations are available.
Get your ushers and best man on board to help gather groups together - it will save time and waiting around .Let everyone know they will have photos taken and they can request there own shots from us..
Your wedding venue:
Talk over with the person conducting the ceremony or the planner before the day.  Also, any plans for bad weather scenarios.

Can you have photographs taken during the ceremony?.     

Is there a chance to take a picture with the signing of the register  (usually after the signing)

Is there any particular area where you can take photos - Is there travel involved between ceremony and reception.

Timing - let the photographer know the timing of the ceremony,   when you are to greet guests; have speeches,  what time the meal is planned for -
As your photographers, we are keen to help your day go to plan and will plan the photo shoot accordingly.

The day will go past in a rush with lots of very special moments. We will do our best to capture as much as we can for you to keep as treasured memories  from the day.
Our usual capture for the day:

Arrival of the Ushers

Arrival of the Groom and Best Man

Guests arriving at the ceremonyBride and GroomBride and Groom
Bride at home leaving (Will of course need to have two photographers)

Parents and bridesmaids arriving

Bride and father/ person giving away

Entering venue - any able to capture of ceremony - signing - Leaving ceremony

Now is the time to get your groups together. All those you particularly want to capture with you both on your special day.
Family groups and friends, -  grandparents, step-parents, godparents, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, godchildren, work colleagues, old school friends, visitors from abroad.

If you have any particular groups you want to include, let your photographer know before the day.

We will bring you more advice and fill free to ask any questions via our feedback form or ring 01380 723698

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