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Written by Wisitmaster wisit on .

wisitmasterwisitmasterI formed ghomats in 2004 from my interest in spirits, ghosts, tarot, video, photography and knowledge in producing evidence from investigations. 15 years with the Police gave me a good understanding of how to get good evidence.

Ghomats came from an evening of inspiration while looking after my dad. I typed ghomats into google and found nothing not even a typo! *smile* Ghomats stands for Ghosts Hauntings Orbs Mystical Auras Tarot and Spirits.

Not only did we have a team of ghost investigators we had a website with an active webcam and forum. I will bring you some of the stories and graphics from the old site and of course add new stories, on video and audio. Do you have a ghost, mystical story, or a location needing an investigation please get in touchThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The team did some amazing vigils with some great evidence captured on camera.  What we would do is come along to a location with a team which included a psychic, a video camera operator, photographer and intuitive people to gather the evidence. I would not tell the team about the location so everyone went in opened minded. Of course we respected privacy and will not share information if we were asked not to. I know some places like to have a ghost to get in more customers so I guess there are a few manufactured ghosts jumping in on the band wagon of most haunted. Most Haunted is an entertainment program and of course do get some interesting results but it is entertainment.

The kit we used apart from the people -

Video camera in infrared mode.
EMF meter which would pick up any magnetic changes. We have found where there is 'ghost' activity the magnetic energy changes and the meter would find this.
Electronic thermometer. Its common that the temperature will drop all of a sudden without warning.
Dowsing rods. To pick up energy lines and to ask questions  yes / no questions to sspirits.
Torch - Most are done in low light and occasional you need an emergency light though we try to avoid this when filming.
Still digital camera - Try to avoid where possible as the flash can create 'orbs; when it hits dust in the air but if course good to have a record of events people taking part.
Audio recorder to make notes to dark for writing
Electronic apps like Ghost Radar (worth a download)
Most important you need to have an open mind

Out vigils are rarely scary and are spiritually uplifting. We have captured a lot of good evidence though we do go with a view of proving that any abnormality can be explained as something other than a ghost. Of course we are pleased when we cannot and discover a ghost / spirit.

ghost investigationghost investigationWe also did a very famous vigil with the Police as a charity fundraiser for the bobby van which got national coverage in the Daily Express and a request to go on Richard and Judy. Due to the interest I ended up with a £120 bill from my Internet provider as of the extra bandwidth over 500,000 hits to the website in a week.

I also did a lot of private vigils for groups often at the Black Swan Devizes and I would do these for a donation to charity. I passed on my skills to the group and everyone gained from the experience, sometimes I would include tarot card readings. The groups ranged from ghost investigators, psychics, birthday and hen parties or just friends wanting to lean more

If you want to have a private ghost investigation please contact via my request form. I will also set up a form soon so you can become part of the team.

I am still open minded and know there are things we cannot explain, I believe in spirits which to me are energies we can interact with. Ghosts do appear but most appear as the person has the ability to look back into the past, these are imprint ghosts.  They are still living their own time and unaware of us.

There are negative spirits which will cause disturbance and will feed on peoples fear and emotions so keep away from negative thoughts. I will write more on my finding and share my stories, photos and please follow my links to learn more and please let me know if you want to have an investigation or you want me to examine a photo or video evidence. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Chris aka Wisitmaster

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