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Harrison - a lovable mischief

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Mama sue and kidsMama sue and kidsBack in 2007 I visited Kenya with Helie for an amazing holiday but while there I noticed so many children that needed help. I came back saying to myself I wanted to make a difference, I wanted to help. So I did some google research and found an amazing lady called Sue Hayward who was helping many children in Watamu. Kenya with education and now with a Happy House, orphanage. So I contacted Sue and said I wanted to help not only by raising money but using my creative skills. I updated the website, made a video took some photos and visited Kenya again to see Sue and her husband Dave and was even more blown away by their passion and commitment to improve the lives of the children.  This couple are amazing and pleased to call them friends. It was pleasing to see all the money goes towards the children, their care and importantly their education.  Sue has an amazing team here in UK and in Kenya and has a great friend and supporter Elizabeth Gomm who does and excellent blog and so much more for the charity. In the time I have known Sue I have seen a Happy House be build for the orphans and I have become a trustee.

To help raise funds I have devoted some of my cf10ten ltd time this year to take photos at weddings and other events along with a few video and joomla website favours in return for a donation to the Children of Watamu charity.  This money has gone towards sponsoring Harrison, his sister Slama and brother Ushindi along with thier farm project which we hope to link to our farm project.... more on that next year. So a big thank-you to all who have donated, enjoyed my work and I look forward raising more money and awareness next year.

Elizabeth has kindly put together some words so you know a bit more about Harrison and the journey he has been on. As you can see in the photos you have made a huge difference and he like so many other children have a future and are proud to be a Happy House child.

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To enquire about a wedding in return for a donation to the Happy House follow this link

Visit the Children of Watamu website

Now to a bit more about Harrison.Harrison says HiHarrison says Hi

Harrison, four, is a real little livewire.

He is the little boy we sponsor at  Children of Watamu’s Happy House Children’s Home in Watamu, Kenya.

It was quite a different story when Harrison arrived at the Happy House with his sister Salama and brother Ushindi in November 2010.

They were the youngest of a large family of children left to be raised by their mother when their father died.

After her husband’s death their mum suffered severe depression and was unable to cope with the needs of her children, leaving only an ageing and sick grandma to look after them.

With neither adult able to work the children were suffering and deemed in need to care and protection.

Harrison, Salama and Ushindi were sad and defeated little beings when they were brought into the Happy House family.

But within short time the Happy House magic got to work, and nurtured and nourished, with the love and routine of our large family, they  blossomed into happy, healthy and vibrant children.

All are doing well in the Happy House school, Harrison goes up into Kindergarten 1 in January 2012! 

When he is not in school is enjoys playing with the other children- specially his brother.

He and Ushindi, six, are a demolition double act … they love finding out how things work, even if it means taking them apart in the process.

Even the family cat, Happy, has been subjected to some investigation as they tried to explore her ears with a plastic drill … but were caught in time and were so sorry when they were told that they could have hurt him and have been so gentle with Happy ever since.

They are just typical boys and lovable little mischiefs, kept in check, now and again,  by elder sister Salama, seven. 

A close-knit little family group but very much a part of the big, happy and very special Happy House family.

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sponsored child harrisonsponsored child harrison


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