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A busy & creative time

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brian banks (92) and myself (younger just)brian banks (92) and myself (younger just)A lot is going on at the moment which is good though at times there are not enough hours in the day. Always looking for volunteers...where possible I have been pushing work to people I know who are also creative so get in touch is you have time to volunteer or have skills I can promote. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

On the joomla website cf10ten side we have now upgrading to a new bigger and faster server meaning I can provide a better service for hosting without any of those worries on who else you share your hosting with a bit more expensive but worth it....  joomla is worth a look so much you can do with it... I am learning every day new options *smile*

On the comunity farm all going well and good to have so many offers of help, resources and words of encouragement its looking like it will become a great community asset with a lot of people gaining from the project.. just waiting to sign the lease... If you have an idea or want to help get in touch. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Not far off of putting Wisit Whodunits online a project I started in 1993 for Wiltshire Crimestoppers it will be fun and a bit different. Looking for creative writes to join in or just go to the website and create an account ready for the launch in September.  also on facebook

Another long term project is my own prediction cards from my photos which started as an idea in 1985 a long journey but coming together well. Waiting on a company in China to create the proofs. By chance I had a visit from a Mr Brian Banks who last visited us in 1985 and sparked an interest in tarot and ghosts. Brian is 92 and an inspiration he has researched so much history.... look forward seeing him again.  You can hear me talking about Mr Banks to him below *smile*


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