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Written by Wisitmaster wisit on .

Wisit Whodunit

 I wrote a series of whodunits about the fictitious village of Wist in Wiltshire as a fundraiser idea in the 1990's and have used its format for corporate events and team building. Its something I hope you can now get involved with online and have some fun.

Wisit started in 1991 with a fundraiser for scope, while I was working at Wiltshire Police HQ. The idea was to film a 'mocked' murder scene of crime,  I was lucky to do this at Wilton House and then get teams of four to come along and question suspects, read statements and examine exhibits. It was a success and we had a great set of actors mainly from the Devizes Wharf Theatre. The actors had to do a lot of ad libbing as there was not a script just a character profile, relationship with other suspects and a list of things they could give away if asked. I used this on numerous occasions for a variety of events including dinner parties, New Year parties, christmas socials, private parties and team building events. Each one adapted to fit in with the client/ charities requirements. Whodunits styles ranged from Poirot to Carry-Ons! *smile*

In 2002 I  got involved with Wiltshire Crimestoppers and did a crimestoppers whodunit fundraiser  which was launched at Longleat House in Wiltshire. I also created a website, put out clues, all was going very well until unfortunately by dad had a stroke so I had to hold back on the online whodunits as I helped care for dad.

We still carried on with the whodunits and did a few events with the wisit whodunit crew or suspects! including New Years events, a few dinner murder mysteries including a great one for Nationwide in Swindon.

One was shot at Urchfont Manor and we did one for Kennet District Council based at Browfort for their staff seminar.  Again the ideas were simple, guests came in to see a film of a 'mocked' murder scene and to examine exhibits. They also had a chance to questions suspects who would interact with the guests and each other to give other clues. Many guests dressed up with the theme's period. Again the actors had a character profile and a few actions they had to do during the night and with each other. They were told only so much and could give out certainly facts if asked but most of the dialogue was ad-libbing which was great fun. I often became the MC or Wisitmaster so that where the name Wisitmaster came from *smile*

We also took a lot of photos and a bit of video calling in my scenes of crimes expertise and some of the photos were perceived to be a bit racy but the scripts were about relationships which lead to a murder.

It was called Wisit as it was a play on words, Who isit? Where isit? and What isit? It was a fictitious village called Wisit in the County of Wiltshire. 

The whodunit was set around Wisit Manor with a set of characters in a certain time period. Each whodunit was set in a different time period or theme. The ones we did were the 1920's, Victorian, 1960's, 1980's, Western and School days.  There were others writted  which have yet to be played, each one ended with a different murder scene.

The times may have changed but the character did not. So I was thinking if I could get people to play the characters on the wisit facebook whodunit page we could have a fun script / diary. The idea is to get people to play different parts and when they have time add status updates of what they were and will be doing to each other! Each person would be made admin so their real name would not appear. I would send out a profile and a way we go!

So if you fancy taking part let me know and get your friends to join in *smile*

If you want a corporate, team building, private party, fundraising whodunit party in person please put in a work request form-

Here are a list of the main characters. Do you fancy playing one of them or of course you can create your own. On facebook your own name does not appear and you do not need a photo. We are after people who are good with words and have a good imagination *smile* Look for wisit whodunit on facebook or drop me anThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Do you fancy being ?

Sir William Wisit lord of the Manor, early 60's his first wife Elizabeth died in a riding accident which may have not been an accident.
Lady Fran. Sir Williams 2nd wife who married for money and power, got her man and wants more. Takes what she wants! 40's
Isabella daughter of Sir William and first wife. A real madam, glamorous gets what she wants thanks to daddies money.
James. Son of Sir William and first wife. A disappointment to Sir William not a mans, man very arty in his 20's
George Wisit. Half brother of Sir William heavy in debt, gambles, uses women to make his money. un-trustworth, wants the Manor. 50's
Justin the butler Loyal servant of Sir William will do anything to keep his Lordship happy. Likes men and women. Late 40's
The Gamekeeper Loyal to Sir William keeps people off his land but a gentle giant.
Mary - Wife of the gamekeeper
Rosie the maid.  Often naive and has always worked in service often used by Sir William. 30's
Sophia. Barmaid who is a bit of a floozy is hoping to improve her status one man at a time. mid 30's
Gemm Stone. The local psychic know how to cast spells and make potions.
Countess Karliefa little known about her, glamorous,  and plans to be married to George
Pete the gardener besotted with Sophia.
PI Dickie Drumer. A PI from London who has come in to solve crimes.

There are more and of course you can create your own character, so let me know if you want to take part.


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