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Posted by on in News


Its funny how you meet people by chance and instantly know they are a bit special ..then wonder why have I not known them earlier? Well this year lucky enough to get to know Tracy Bailey a bit better and loved her sense of fun and mischief. Tracy was the person who ducknapped agent 002 from the steps of the old TIC in Devizes before myself and Jane could get there and then to my surprise she sends a pic of the duck in Morocco. *smile*

Tracy also started a blog about the secret life of a Wiltshire potatoe on my site which became a mashing hit with lots of a peel.. okay wil stop all the old potato jokes will come out... but feel free to chip in with your own.

Lst Saturday Tracy held her birthday party in boomerang in Melksham a child fun centre which opens up to adults in the evening. So good to see her having fun with her family and friends.  From a bucking bronco.. to a slippery slide.. a ball pit.. a bit of duck chucking... to ropes and nets.. hmm.. better go back and make sure no typos! *smile*

A fun night was had by all took some pics and of course a few video clips though it was a bit dark in places... maybe just as well as maybe some of the angles not so lady like... I did a birthday reading for Tracy and good to see an excellent year ahead. Maybe one day we will get to work together on the farm. Funny how people are drawn to each other in the strangest of ways. A big thank you to Jane Yates for this chance meeting, Jane is a special lady who went out with me on many a 10-10 bike ride and we have our own lovers lane but TAS Thats another story and photo *smile*

Oh me and Jane did present Tracy wiith her own carrot, banana and potator but you guessed it is a TAS!

fun with tracy and janefun with tracy and janeon the slide with tracyon the slide with tracybucking broncobucking bronco



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Ten Ten - Transmission completed, standing by

Posted by on in carban

goodbye carrotsgoodbye carrotsIts been a long journey and since sowing my carrot seed we have traveled through its life's ups and down... I am afraid like must journeys its days were numbered and the cycle is now complete that's why I also see the number 10 as a celebration a reward at the end of the journey mission completed.. its an ending but where there is an ending there is new beginning and each journey we go on we learn from the ups and downs... which of course makes us wiser and stronger for what lays ahead. As for my carrot I am pleased to see it stand proud and its not weeping (leeking) a tear of sorry but a tear of joy... as the onions would say thats shallot. I had to lets his friends go and though selling your carrot is not what you always want at least you know others will get great pleasure and nourishment from it.. and maybe each one will come back with its own blog...

Those of you who know me will understand its not the end of our carrots journey and it will be with us on our next 10-10 walk on 29th September leaving from Browfort at 10.10am. I may pass my carrot on or maybe I will plant it... time will tell. I hope you have enjoyed my carrot journey and now to finish my next project. the prediction pack of 52 cards with my own pics and words of wisdom from the wisitmaster who started his journey 27 years ago thanks to Mr Banks... a long time but just as satisfying the time but does explain why my carrot is a bit tough and withered now *smile*

10-10 journey completed.. standing by


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The end is Nine

Posted by on in carban

carrot timecarrot timeIts been some journey for my carrot and time has slipped by so quick since sowing the seed but like all good things its time to look towards the end of the journey. My carrot has now been pulled and is now led out with some of his friends who also been on this growing journey. It does raise the question why is my carrot not as big as others? I am sure we all shared the same conditions.. maybe it will leave a sweet taste in the mouth but it goes to show that even though you try to treat your seeds the same some will be longer, fatter and different shades of colour. Each with a story to tell and of course pleased to have made it and as a mature carrot can now hold its head up high and look to its root and the legacy its has left.

A nine can be confusing so much going on... some worry.. over doing it... things to sort but its something you do not have to say 3 times as the only emergency is what to do to celebrate at the next step which is 10 *smile*

But what now for my carrot?  Numerous options .. maybe go for a gold medal in the vegetable Olympic games.. chuck the carrot is one of the favourite events..... maybe the carrot will be allowed to go to seed but there is a lot of stiff competition or maybe end up a stew..... a salad.. there is of course the option to move into Wisit and take part in a whodunit mystery. Carrots do make good detectives due to the fact of their good eye sight.... so till the next and the  last time take care of your carrot enjoy it.. wash it... admire it.. play with it.... as 10 looms its soon to be crunch time and a vegetable quiz called know your onions...   oh we will need to celebrate so how about some carrot wine? how do you make carrot wine... no not by stepping on it but like this >


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I eight my carrot

Posted by on in News

I cannot believe how big my carrot has got since pocking its shoot out of the ground it has grown and grown.... the problem is now do I pull it and stop it from growing or should I let it keep on growing.. the trouble is I guess at some point it will go to seed and I know what that is like *smile*  The other question is should I eat it? Can you eat your own carrot? .. have you tired? is it wrong?..... or should I give it to someone else?? and if so who???  so many questions.....8 is my number of connection and it will have to be given to someone who connects with my carrot.. what if I get it wrong and give it to the wrong person??  anyway enough of this worry just let me know if I should give it to you... I am just going to admire my carrot on this sadly damp Saturday but I assume a washed carrot is good.

All a bit crazy and lots if ideas at the moment .. okay every day!.. I have opened my carrot & banana group to all and now allowed in other veg, fruit and dare I say flowers..... its been blooming lovely and now able to send virtual flowers to all my friends.. so please join

Added a couple of pics below to celebrate the openness...It was good this week to see potatoes, carrots & onions hitting it off and as for the Lady I found in Lacock, which may I add took hedges and hedges.. wow what a bush... not a privet moment but I think she was all yew *smile* You saw it on facebook... of a pic of some flowers just for you and a pic of me in 1965 with my sis on the farm.... not changed a bit have I? Bo I am not the dog nor is my sister.. I see slap coming my way *smile*

carrots potatoes  now onionscarrots potatoes now onionsbushed ladybushed lady

What happen this week e-mail messages from Mr Banks..... won a driving experience at Castle Coombe.... Got my proofs prediction cards from China in 2 days can't believe it.. moved 50 websites to new server... taken wisit whodunits to a new level.. created 8 wisit profiles on facebook... the magic number.. but looking for people to take them on for me! Helped launched a new shop  in Devizes called push.. went to Lacock at War.. thanks Gary.. met with Karl to sort out new  10-10 bike club or should that be 8-8? .. and lots more but most of all  pleased I have spent time with you and hopefully see you at the Devizes street festival on Sunday (Green) Monday (Market Place)

Have a great bank holiday weekend and don't forget you are what you 8!

flowers for youflowers for youme and my sisterme and my sister

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Oh Oh a carrot seven

Posted by on in News

I cannot believe how my oh so little carrot has grown since popping its head out. I guess once it was out in daylight its courage swelled and the sun did its work. I do not think anything  is now going to stop our 007 carrot reaching its full size.  It may seem strange but I now have developed a bond with our 007 carrot I guess M is the word....  Looking at its shape it could have a license to thrill though we will have to wait for its training.  You don't get anywhere without good training, mentoring........

Not sure how you train a carrot but I am sure there is a manual and if you google you are sure to find something. I did google and found the Great Carrot Train Robbery.. link at bottom of this page  *smile*

A lot of things rhyme with seven but at the moment no time to right about Devon but I bet many of you have been there?

 The first command to teach to a carrot is stay I have tried this on a carrot recently. I placed my carrot on a table and its not moved for a week!! It has withered a bit but I can understand that as I am sure many of us have been there... Hopefully my carrot will of course reach this standard.

Other news this week is I have opened the secret banana's & carrots facebook group up and extended to other vegetable, fruit and flowers its so exciting to see the group grow.. fruit salad, stew and bouquets are all in order. So please join us > together we will make a good crop which I think is a separate blog entry....

Going back to google I  typed in by accident ' secret diary wiltshire' and wow was impressed with what I found I never know this was going on in Wiltshire and it seems that the life of a certain potato is not only below ground its seems a lot is going on top ... I think I may convert this to an e-book.. I am sure a movie is on its way... talking of things on its way Wisit Whodunits will be going strong and by September wil life for all to see. It will be fun and you can of course can  play detective...  all we need is a secret agent... hmm...  I know 00 Carrot *smile*

Check out Wisit Whodunits here >

Have a great week and I hope others will see their life through vegetables, fruits and flowers....  how clever Mr C loads more key words google will love this *smile*

.... better go tend to my carrot as its needs some watering.. maybe time for a sweet pea *smile*

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Cycling Carrots and six

Posted by on in News

Six is the number of love and as we know love makes the world go around.. though my physics teacher did say it was something to do with gravity. So when your having six think of love but also gravity as both help.... *smile* Our carrot has now grown and his head is above ground he has found he is not alone and there is a whole family of carrots growing. A lovely sight and knowing he is not alone he will grow stronger with all of the love.

Interesting how people love carrots in different ways. Some say carrots are good for your eye sight but I do not see that.

carrotscarrotsSo why the love of the carrot? Its been a symbol of 10-10 for over 20 years and started with my cycling group which was called 10-10. Why 10-10? I hear you ask... so many questions but basically we met ever Sunday at 10am at the Wharf in Devizes but a few cyclists were late so we left at 10.10am... hence 10-10 was born. Of course my family of cyclists wanted more and someone asked my what do they get when cycling with me....  another question!!  I had to think about that as I thought the fact they were cycling with me was enough..... as it was free I was limited of what I could give... wrong they wanted something.. so I came up with the idea that if someone cycled with me 3 times they got a carrot and so it started we became a group of carrot nibblers and we would go out have a ride and stop for our nibble. It did develop as another cycling group formed and became the banana's but that's a different blog! Not going banana's yet *smile*

So the carrot was the incentive and is often dangled to encourage others... Its been a golden week for cycling with our Olympic cyclists I wonder if they train using the carrot?...  now I'm asking carrots have six appeal the number of love.

There are differen coloured carrots and there is a golden one called Lobbericher. This carrots grow to around 10 inches, display a bright golden yellow color with a greenish core, have an average taste with mild sweetness. Mouth watering?... another question agh....Cetainly will bring some of these into our family.. there are of course other colours but not going into the Purple Dragon... oh arr.

Its time to go feel the love of my carrot.. will be back with soon with 7.. Do I here you saying Oh Oh 7? have a great  day *smile*

carrot lovecarrot love

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Posted by on in News

It’s been a strange sort of week... or is it just me that is strange?

Don’t answer that one or I might spud you up! (Chuckles - personally I like to think of myself as well rounded individual (which is an almost perfect shape for a potato) with just a touch of fruit salad ;-).

What I have I been up to... riding with CHiPs again, sampling French fries at various establishments (none worth recommending), planning a charity event with a great bunch of grapes, a stroll along the riverside,.... OH and an encounter with a pointy carrot! An unexpected and muddy occurrence... phew blushing beetroots and cringing cabbage indeed!

But in true potato style I’ll leave you cooking on that and come back to that point later, te,he,he...

So my week... whilst I keep you in suspense (devilish grin)...

I read the first chapter of that curly fries book (currently available at smASDA 3 copies for £10), and was a little disappointed; girl meets millionaire, man makes girl blush – hmm a bit mills & Spoon so far. But still, it is only the first chapter...  can I skip to the roasting and vegetable tossing I wonder (?) No, I’ll give it a fair trial, chapter two tonight...

The lovely weather! I need not comment on that I’m sure; pure char grilled veg weather indeed, now where did I put my sun frying oil *Big sunny smiles*

A few meals out, a gossip with the girls... but alas not a hot potato gossip in sight!

Are you still in suspenders? Shall I get to the point (literally!)?

...and then a trip to the quiet, sleepy, quaint, town of Calne – quiet/quaint I don’t think so! Radical radishes and peculiar parsnips indeed!

The town was potato sack packed to the rafters for a bike meet and fun fair so the local establishments were rather jammed like a tin of sardines - and then it was my turn to venture to the bar. So with a polite “excuse me” and “sorry” I wiggle my way towards the refreshments... people to the left of me, people to the right, in front, behind, it sure was an orange squash! So there I am minding my own peas & quenepa (it’s an exotic fruit, just in case you were wondering)  when I feel something pressed up against my leg ... with nowhere to move a quick glance tells me that I have a male member ( not yet, wait for it, don’t jump to the punch line just yet) of the species pressed close enough to breath down my neck.  An alarmed look to my companion and a quick exchange of lip reading and she mouths the words “mobile phone” at me...  Phew, relief and thank the crunchy veg! So with the occasional sensation of pressing, I venture on...

What’s this?!?!?! A new sensation of vibrating but further to the right, now I really am one confused cauliflower! A phone is extracted and answered so why oh why do I still feel this strange pro-tuber-ance sticking into my leg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  A quick glance over my shoulder and a slimy smile given in return and I challenge anyone to have parted the red sea faster than I!!!!

Needless to say I exited the establishment faster than a speeding runner bean! !!!

So shocking shallots aside - I have now been the subject of turnip teasing, marrow mirth and merriment, from my girl ’friends’! Thank you kindly you bunch of terrible tomatoes; I’ll stop blushing like a beetroot as some point this millennium I sure! Chuckles.

Now to save myself any mental torture, and further severe ribbing from my female companions, I have convinced myself that most men carry a carrot in their pocket... indeed I actually know somebody (not the offender I might add) that does – no kidding, you know who you are! ;-).

So on that note... and safe in the knowledge that men do carry comic carrots in their pockets...

have a great day, evening, week folks - and always remember what your mother told you:

It’s rude to point!... well in that manner at least *Smile*

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Posted by on in News

carrotscarrotsThe number 5 can be negative when doing a reading which is strange as 5 is a positive especially when you look at the five Olympic rings and talking of Olympics what an opening I am sure I saw dancing carrots.

Back to my five just checked my hand and foot 5 digits on each so maybe five is not all bad it is in face half of 10... oh forgot a boy band hm.......

Back to my carrots, 5 and connecting it to readings it is seen as a lone number usually comes up when someone is hiding away which is okay as you do feel safe and protected but in reality shutting yourself off is not good as you need the interactions the good and bad to move forward. I guess for a carrot its a problem as you know when you pop your head out of the soil the carrot fly (or is that five) will attack.

Of course the five solution is not to put your head out of the soil but it does mean your kept in the dark and any growth will not happen.. stunted carrots are not good and very pale. By being brave and popping out you may be open to attack but of course you are open to help, just need to ask or for our carrot to wiggle its shoots... maybe us humans need to do the same, wiggle, wiggle... of course what comes next after 5...  wow your quick yes six the number of love....

A hectic week but a step forward and looking to start doing some chats shows with the YA, YA YA girls... interesting times *smile*

Oh if you missed a bit of carrot scandal as a bunch were spotted networking with beetroot! *smile*


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It looks like I have your attention already and I am not sure where this blog will go but it has come about from a pot of tea and Lady T who I am now seeing as Gemma Stone but that's another story.....

Its good to keep a blog as it allows you to share your thoughts and *smiles* with a large audience and if you are patent and keep at it like most things in life it will grow & people will take an interest and follow you.  I know many are already enjoying some new potatoes so I am aiming  to add a few carrots into the dinner of delights our blog which of course everyone who signs into this site can have...

Of course being me I like to push the boundaries and tried using an app called VR+ on my iphone to record a blog and post for free onto the web. The link is below...

So with all good things you have to sow your seed and mine is a carrot seed which will grow.. how big? time will tell.. as to sex well there is a connection I have sown a seed this week... no not like that! your minds *smile* But basically I have taken a joomla dating site script which seems a bit heavy on sex and turned into into a whodunit website where you become your own fantasy figure in a whodunit and can interact with people in the village of Wisit where by chance lots of crime takes part. Those who remember it... it started as a fundraiser for Wiltshire Crimestoppers around a fictitious village called Wisit.. who is it? what is it? where isit? in the world of Wisit. The idea is you can join as suspect, detective, observer or some thing else I have not thought about!!

So watch this space I have a good feeling about this seed and as for my other seed which is growing - our own prediction pack of cards from mine and your photos -

Card 1 Ace of cups a wish come true I see an ace as the seed and with a wish  your heart desire will come true. Lots of warmth and lots of *smiles* New romance, new beginnings, good news, birth, good health are associated with it..

My audio blog >


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