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Ken Forey

Ken Forey

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Wednesday in France

Posted by on in News

yesterday wa sa good day for me, it was bright sunny and warm and in weather like that it would be rude not to remove the t-shirt to the disgust of my neighbours, i don't think the french like it much. in fact they are still dressed in their winter coats, i can never really understand how they seem to live so long they cant get any vit.d. but they will out live me. today is also sunny so i have been taking advantage of the sun by doing the washing and getting th house up together as i have people staying for about a month now. just need to do some dusting and vacuum throughout. wsa watching the news this morning and saw that exercise is back in the forefront of our lives. 2.5 hours brisk exercise a week, and housework is deemed to be good for you!!!!

so on that reckoning i should be as skinny as a bean pole, i never seem to stop and walking well i walk for miles i never park near the shop doors always walk across the car park. anyway i am not so will have to keep trying to loose some weight. they say sex is also good for you, but in france i don't think that will happen, maybe the women of my dreams will arrive soon, if the tarot cards are right!!!!   

enough on that subject anyway hopefully the weekend will bring a lot more sun and chris and the walkers can get out and explore the lovely scenery around devizes. i have to say i worked in the area for many years and never saw that much of it. so if chris is doing a walk you should go, i guarantee you will see so much and chris and helie have a wealth of knowledge about the location so take to a walk its not a hard slog.

well time for me to do some more better try and do something in the garden this afternoon, have fun whatever you do and my favorite saying is " do something for yourself today" what that really means is bugger everyone else do something you really what to do. just for you. enjoy.        

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Posted by on in News

I was so looking forward to the last visit to the UK had many people to see and was hoping to get down to the Community farm project to do a little work. But the weather was against me in everything I did, I went to Devon only to get wet everyday and it rained so hard t night I hardly got any sleep. But I did see a few nice places and although south Devon is probably not for me it was a good starting point. A mate came down from Lancashire and we stayed in a small B&B in Hemyock (Brook House) its up for sale and I thought it might be a good place for me to consider so I decided to try before I buy. Opened my eyes a little, its not all its cracked up to be, up with the lark to do breakfast (Not a problem) Clean and tidy room/make beds (Employ someone for that) run a cafe tearoom village is a good size but pub right next door does brilliant food and good value for money. Soon went off the idea of this property, but we had a great time going tp Porlock/Combe Martin/Ilfracombe and of course I could not go that close without going to Woolacombe. What a great place the sun shone and I even had a burnt face. Great walk along the beach as well.

So I came back to Wiltshire and sadly the rain persisted, I ws pretty p....ed off s I was looking forward to getting y hands dirty in Devizes but as the days went on I realised NO Chance. Missed seeing many people in Wiltshire but Hey Ho, next time.

Now back in France and we have had three good days of sun/cloud the garden was a nightmare but I mave managed to cut the grass and its looking better for it, I have a few places in flower, but looking at the Fruit trees I can't see much fruit being around in September even the blackberry's etc are in short supply. Have you seen the Swallow/swift lately. I sat in the garden the other night and never saw one, they seem to have gone home fed up with the rain. Last year on their arrival they struggled to find soft mud for the nest building this year they could'nt see the mud for water.

I seem to be having trouble with my 'A' on the keyboard I know I hit it but it fails to work sorry if the 'a' is missing. This time its not my spelling.

Well I have a busy few weeks ahead of me, the big house is fully occupied and I have friends arriving from Lancashire and Bath I think so we should have a good time and a laugh.

Heres hoping that we can get some sunshine for the school holidays and that the rest of July August and September will be good. But I won't hold my breath.  Have a good day.    OH Spoke to soon its raining here again......... Was thinking of watering the garden today in case it dried out!!!!!        

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Its been a funny sort of week

Posted by on in News

You can say that again!! its been a funny sort of week, Not sure if I really achieved a great deal completed putting the doors on the breakfast room which is basically an outdoor barn but it has the BBQ undercover a music centre a table and chairs in it and of course the cold beer store. I have bee wanting to do that for about 4 years so I supose its another thing to tick off. There is a bit of me that wants to line it and plaster it out so its a proper room but that will be expensive...

I lost two baby birds one hatched and ran off with the wrong mum she didn't really adopt it and left it so it got cold ad was well dead whe I found it my neighbour has put up loads of that pea netting plastic fencing around her chickens and its awful for small birds and last night I found a just fledging starling I think caught up in the netting again I was too late it was too weak I finally managed to cut it loose and it died in the last few cuts of the plastic. That spoilt my evening.

I have been doing odd jobs went and cut the grass for friends who live nearby not a great job as it was knee high but will give them a start for when they arrive. I just couldn't get their tractor back in the shed so its in their lean too. I think its perfectly safe here. I have also cut all my grass My little tractor is in the repair shop so I had to do mine by pushing the mower everywhere.... But the grass looks good it won't be short when I get back from my holiday in the UK though.

The keyboard packed up so I couldn't type anything Hooray I hear people saying but I worked out you have to put batteries in now and again. So its working again now.

Hopefully catching up with Chris and Helie in the UK and maybe try and find a small team to help clear a bit of the farm up so if you are up for a day of easy labouring let me know and we can maybe with Helies permission start doing some stuff. I am sure we will get tea and coffee.

Well I better get on and do something today making beds and clean the other house in case I don't get back before guests arrive in late July

Hope the boat goes on Tuesday sounds like the winds are returning so living in the van will be fun. I will be located in Bath and Devonfor a good bit of my holiday so if you are around be great to see you. 


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Had to remove an article from Chris's site

Posted by on in News

Well all I can say, is that people must be reading Chris Franklins website as Brittany Ferries contacted me today and told me the discounts I was offering were not in the spirit of the Voyage club run by Brittany Ferrys, So they terminated my membership until I had the post removed, So thank you Chris for removing it so quickly, I am now fully signed up again. Initially I was annoyed to think that someone would report me for trying to save them a few quid and hopefully making Chris's charity a few pound. But Chris tell me companies are able to search for things like this and and find you out on google so maybe it was my own fault, but I saw no harm in trying to help a charity out. Ok Brittany Ferry's would loose 10% but they are loosing now as they are a lot more expensive than LD Lines but you do get what you pay for. I hate to say it, but the cost of getting to France especially now is high and it gets worse in the school holidays, I think thats one of the reason why I am looking to re-locate back in the UK, France is no longer cheap and we don't know what will happen with the Euro. Oh well rant over.

Its been a lovely day here today got a lot of building work sorted two doors hung on garden shed /Breakfast room so now its a lot warmer in there with the twinkling lights BBQ and fridge freezer had a beer to end the day its only about  3 percent stuff but it did the trick. Catch you soon. 

Whoops I thought I posted this yesterday but I didn't it was in a draft folder. Today its grim again but never let the weather get you down I have been pottering in the garden doing those jobs I should do when sunny but hey ho had a coat on and got them done. Took the little tractor to the repair shop its gone wrong so had to ask a neighbour to assist thats always a challenge for me but they seemed to understand but anyway if they didnt they took the tractor on atrailor to the repair shop. Tomorrow if this weather continues I am going to Granville Brocante bargain hunting again. You never know what you might find...... Anyway now its time for tea and coffee... catch up later     

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Reffuveille community

Posted by on in News

Good afternoon

I am Ken and I reside mostly in Reffuveille France, where I just about manage to keep busy doing up the house tidying the house cutting the grass for myseld and my neighbour who is only just 86 and pushing a lawn mower just about does her in. Thats waht I have been doing most of today cutting the grass. Its windy but dry.... plus feeding the chickens as they seem to know if I am in the garden then they get fed..... I am hoping that I will be able to link my Reffuveille blog with this one. I am not much good at IT stuff, but will try a few things you can check out my little website which is rubbish compared to Mr C Franklin but its a starter. Have a good day and hopefully we will win tonight on the old Euro lottery.... Ken

Well he did ask me what I would do with the winnings and I said Dunno..... So Mr Franklin can I link this with the Reffuveille website weebly.. then I don't have to try and think about blogs for different sites.


Well today seems to be a bright day, sun was up early and all the birds were going wild around 5.30am as we are an hour ahead of you in the UK. After a wet week its one of those days to take in some suns rays and enjoy. Sadly no wins on the Euro lottery but two lucky people did win. Have a good day.     



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