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Chris Franklin

Chris Franklin

Chris Franklin has not set their biography yet
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snow we gosnow we goGreetings

As you can imagine I get a lot of questions asked about websites so thought I would explain what you need to do to get a website presence. For any business (small or big), charity, organisation or community project you need a web presence basically its a shop window or sign post to you 27/7 (24 hrs - seven days a week)

A good website needs planning I always say think big but start small I use a CMS (Content Management System) called joomla which allows you to easily expand without too much cost. The costly part of a website is your time producing the content. As i say a website is as only good as its content. You can make it look 'pretty' but you need to make sure your content is updated and relevant for returning customers.

You can start your website for free with google websites > an ideal start to get to understand a website and then decide if you want to take more control and add more dynamic features.

Plan your site on paper first. What pages do you want? Start with a home page with links to a About Us, Contact us, News / Blog, Advice / FAQs

Also try writing a free blog to get into a habit of writing content if you cannot get into the habit of writing content your website will fail so a blog is a good start and you can if using a system like I use joomla you can easily import all your content into your website from your blog later. A good free blogger is You do not need to write a lot, little and often like most things in life is best *smile* I do have another blog about setting up a blog.

Of course the first thing is to come up with a name / brand. Take time thinking about this and look to see what is out there using google. For my business I went for cf10ten (long story) rather than chris franklin. As you will see if you googl there are many chris franklin! (167,000,000 results) and with cf10ten ( 359,000 results which are mainly mine)

A good place to start which will check your name for domains and social networking which you will need. No need to buy from them.

Its good to have a social network presence on facebook and twitter but do not rely on this as though a must your content will be lost on social networks and is not always free as you will find out. Best method is to add content to your website and push it to your facebook / twitter pages and with most website builders this can be set up to publish automatically. I always set this up on my customers joomla websites.

Also worth setting up a youtube account as video is getting more important and its easy to add video to your website, more on this soon.

Then consider a logo / graphic and of course you can have a play yourself or go for a professional design contact Emma at > This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or if you know a good designer let me know.

Next step you will need a domain name and this will cost you  about £6- £12 a year I will give more advice on this soon and point you in the right direction. This is just your domain name think of it as a registration like a car number plate which is unique to you / company.

If you take the step for your own website you will need web space, basically is a folder on a server which allows you to put in content and share to the world via the internet and your domain name. Webspace will cost you around £50 - £75 a year and will give you the space for a large website and your own email addresses. I will write more on this and of course happy to point you in the right direction.

You will then need something to build your website. I recommend joomla as its open source no license fee, no software required (just need an internet connection) and well supported and developed. There are others all very good but will stick with joomla and will give more advice but of course feel free to contact me with your questions. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What else can you have on your joomla website? photo / video galleries, forms, shop, blog, document management system, forums, directories, events calendar, search and so much more but apparently it can't make your coffee... yet! *smile*

Okay covered a lot of ground and will write more soon. Feel free to ask me questions or of course ask for a quote........ now go write your own blog or start website planning  *smile*

Just to show off a few photos from the snow uploaded nto my website with a couple of clicks *smile*

Snow 2013 Snow 2013
  • Snow 2013
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Snow 2013 Snow 2013
  • Snow 2013
  • Author: chris franklin
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Snow 2013 Snow 2013
  • Snow 2013
  • Author: chris franklin
  • Hits: 539
Snow 2013 Snow 2013
  • Snow 2013
  • Author: chris franklin
  • Hits: 560
Snow 2013 Snow 2013
  • Snow 2013
  • Author: chris franklin
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Snow 2013 Snow 2013
  • Snow 2013
  • Author: chris franklin
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Diana Ralls was press lady  for KDCDiana Ralls was press lady for KDCI do recommend to all my customer to have a blog. Its the best way to promote yourself, company, community or charity as it will keep your followers / customers updated and help you to get you more hits and better rankings in search engines regular post always help. More hits more customers more opportunity to network *smile* If you think of it every time you write your blog you will be adding searchable words or phases to your site and to search engines like google. For example if I type "Caen Hill home of chuck Leduck" this will go into the search engine and people will find it if they search on these words.. not sure why they will type it but they will find it! we will see how long search engines takes to find it. *smile*

Questions I am asked -  I don't have time to write a blog but I say you already do if you add updates to facebook or twitter its basically a mini blog. The only problem is of course with social networks your words are quickly lost where in a blog they are there in a more organised way.

Next question is  I don't have anything to say I don't do anything interesting. Wrong again your life, you observations your feelings all make for an interesting blog. Always write about something you enjoy have a passion for as this will come over in your blog and in a short time you will connect with like minded people who share your passion. You do not have to write loads its just getting into the habit and before long you will look forward writing your blog and seeing the number of hits you will have. Of course if you have a good imagination why not write some fiction. Maybe you will write your own fifty shades of oh arr! Every bestseller has to start some where.

Next question is how much will it cost?. Basically nothing but your time there are many free option out there if If you are going to write some fiction get yourself a gmail email account and create a fictitious profile and use a free service by google. Sign up follow the instructions and away you go!

One good example is the blog written by Elizabeth Gomm about the Happy House a true story about the day to day life of the children and the supporters of this great children's charity. Daily updated and keeps everyone updated and shows what you can do to help. Of course you can sign up to follow blogs and even publish automatically to facebook and twitter.

Another popular free blog site is wordpress which an open source system which is good for websites as well as blogs but have a look watch the video on this page to learn more > Not used myself but a good example is the one by the lovely talented  Vanesther Rees who has a blot titled and its award winning.

Those who have one of my joomla websites will have a blog built in called easyblog it just needs me to switch it on and is easy to use and of course great as it integrates in your own website. It can be set up to post to facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. You can also email in your updates as you can with blogger and guess wordpress. Maybe email in a blog with pic from your mobile or tablet?

If you don't have a website but plan to don't worry its easy to import your blog from blogger / wordpress at a later date. So no stopping you get on your blog.

Can I blog with you?  Yes on my Wisit site you can create a fictitious character and wirite a blog

Maybe write a strory around an old photoMaybe write a strory around an old photoOr on the Chris Franklin site you can login with facebook and create your own blog for free. The login is on the left towards bottom of the page. Any problem or advice on these two let me know. A good example is my good friend Tracy Bailey who written this great blog Secret Diary of a Wiltshire New Potato Great fun and Ken Forey also started started one all getting lots of hits which makes my site more popular. *smile*

With a blog you can add photos,  video links even add others blogs via RSS (will answer that another day)  great fun and worth the effort to get you message across, to network and have fun.

Of course if you are like me and prefer to take photos rather than write a lot of words then Blipfoto is for you where basically you can blip a photo every day or as often as you like. A good one to look at is the talented Hels who is based in Egypt great shots and person *smile*

When your blog is up and running copy and past your link into your facebook page or set up and auto feed with something like or  or of course in joomla you can set up via easyblog to publish automatically (more on this later).

Well hope this has helped look forward seeing you blog and when it becomes a book can I produce the movie? *smile*

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Christmas Franklin the ideal present

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Seasonal Greetings

christmas franklin and Suechristmas franklin and SueI guess I can say that now.... already this month is flying by and with the cold weather I guess its beginning to look a lot like Christmas *smile*  Those who follow my readings will know I always say the best gift you can give anyone is to give someone is your time a gift is nice but spending time with a friend is precious. So thank you for your time readings this *smile*

Web work is busy and pleased to be helping a lot of people start their adventure into business with a website which is the best way to promote yourself and a dynamic joomla  website can cost as little as £100 with all the features you would want. I  have lots of people who have domain, hosting but fed up with their website and want something dynamic and more control which joomla will do. All you need is an Internet connection I guess a lot of people start with a 'free' website from 123-REG or 1&1 and want to move on and take more control...

Anyway the reason for this post was really about Christmas and I had an e-mail from a client who wanted me for Christmas! Well sort of..... (maybe it was my wish?)  basically they wanted a cf10ten voucher to give to their parents so they could learn to use their new Christmas camera and use picasa3 to manage their photos.  So basically yes you can get me as present and I do vouchers for £25 which gives you an hour of my time for anything Internet, video, photography or tarot.  So 3 vouchers will give you a morning, afternoon or evening of learning and fun.  This can be for one person or a group....This can be via SKYPE or in person at the farm or your place though there is traveling expenses if more that 3 miles of Devizes.

I do like teaching / helping people and I am a qualified trainer.... of course you could book a tarot, mystical or a whodunit evening all are fun especially with a group.

I also will do special rates for a mystical, tarot or whodunit fundraiser for your chosen charity.

I will put out a list on my business site of what your could use your voucher for and I do have others is the team who will be able to help/ support you around internet, web design, photography, video, tarot and more.

Chuck does come along and I am sure you will learn lots and have fun doing so *smile* Drop me an e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill out my feedback form.

Photo top right was me and Su a lovely lady I used to work with and I think we taught each other a lot *smile*

The photo of the locks below was taken using hdr one of the many things I can teach you *smile

Now how do I wrap myself as a present??  *smile*



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chuckchuckI do enjoy making video's for people, companies, charities and no better time or way to promote yourself on the web. Your own TV advert recorded and edit from only £75 from me and cf10ten or a morning teaching you how easy it is to do.

A lot of video editing today and now have a  video studio to do recordings with a green screen.  Basically  you film in front of a screen and replace anything green with video or photos just like on the news.

Did a very quick video yesterday with a few chuck the duck video clips which basically is a person catching and throwing chuck on camera. All stitched together to make a fun video. As its the month of parties I thought why not make a special December episode of chuck leduck so if around give me a shout or invite me to your party. Its going to be a classic.  As you will see in the video met Michael a very talented juggler to start things going.

Talking of video daughter Sal in Brisbane told me of this great mobile app called tango where you can record and sare video clips with familiy no matter where they are in the world. Sal may regret this! *smile*

Free Joomla Extensions


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mum-dad-wedding 1952mum-dad-wedding 1952 Greetings well how come its so difficult to write my blog I always say to people to promote yourself / business / charity a blog is the way to go as you are adding new content to your site with metadata. More hits more customers? I always put in easyblog to cf10ten websites. Of course you can sign in with facebook on this site and start your own blog on here for free!

Will try to update more as I can pass on free advice on creative media.

Last Saturday there was an open day at at Mary's Church, Devizes so they could show off the plans for converting the church in a community centre. Great plans and it will be good for concerts, events and weddings as there will be an attached function room, restroom and kitchen. It will still be used as a church but added features. f I fin a link to the plans I will add here.

On reason for my interest was that mum and dad Ken & Coral Franklin (Knee Cave) married here on 12 April 1952 and I was christened as I was born in New Park Street many years ago. So feel attached to the church I hear they may well sell the phews so wil have to see if I can buy one for the farm project in memory of mum and dad.

Apart from the plans there was a tour up the tower I think 106 steps with a chance to see the bell ringers platform, the clock on the way up. It was well worth it and you can see some of the pics below. If you click on the banners up will pop a larger image which you can download to your PC if you wish.

What i do is use my digital camera and take a series of photos with about a third overlap then stitch together using the free version of serif panorama plus. Easy to use and with a bit of practise some great results.

Of course I do training and happy to help where I can on photography ,websites, video, software, tarot and more. I aalways make training fun *smile*  drop me a message if you want some training for yourself, business, family and friends. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Towards Library


 Toward Centre of Town - Devizes Castle



  Towards Roundway Hill



 Towards Police HQ



On our websites you can now embed your photo gallery using the great joomgallery component. Example below.


St Marys St Marys
  • St Marys
  • Author: chris franklin
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St Marys St Marys
  • St Marys
  • Author: chris franklin
  • Hits: 587
St Marys St Marys
  • St Marys
  • Author: chris franklin
  • Hits: 554
St Marys St Marys
  • St Marys
  • Author: chris franklin
  • Hits: 555





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October its a special month

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roundway walkroundway walkTime is flying by October already and its a busy and going to be an enjoyable month. The farm is one step closer and pleased to have so many people come forward with offers of help and ideas. It is a community project therefore pleased others will benefit from the project and hopefully starts few new businesses with money making opportunities.

Started the month with a walk great company and views.

Of course its 10 10 Oct soon not only is it Hels birthday (who is over from Egypt) I will be launching the Wisit Whodunit website its basically a fantasy whodunit facebook site where you can login under fictitious details and be who you want and interact with fellow suspects, detectives, victims in a fun way without knowing who is who. Wisit came from my work with fundraising for Wiltshire Crimestoppers in 1993 and my first website online in 1998 a bit before its time but brought together a good team who I am meeting again after all these years. George, Lady Fran, Sophia and Wisitmaster were the nucleus. Its worth joining and its all set in 1912. Oh get asked why Wisit well its a play on words Who isit Where isit What isit When isit I guess you see where I was coming from. As I was running it I became known as the Wisitmaster *smile*

I have brought my tarot reading to the site as make it easier form me to maintain and works in well with my new Wisit cards a 52 prediction pack using my photos and 27 years of experience!

On 13th its my birthday and will be doing a walk from the farm of about 7 miles towards Poulshot > Barge at Seend and back along the Canal it of course starts at 10am or probable 10.10am.. as to age I must be getting towards 100 *smile*

brother simon cousin David and me Chris Franklinbrother simon cousin David and me Chris FranklinOf course what is exciting is that Sal and Nathan is back for two weeks will be great to see them over a year must book some warm weather!

Starting putting together work offers for Christmas around websites, videos, photography, whodunits and tarot. So it you want a web site or some lessons drop me a line I make a good Christmas present always good to have feedback *smile*

ALso please feedback on Franklins good to get contact and wil be sharing photos from the past as well as present

and of course at the end of the month its Halloween.... now that is scary *smile*

Join wisit here

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Basic report 19 June 1997

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Test blog sent in via e,mail wih carriage returns and an image attached 1000px wide.

Devizes Basic Club

There will be no Basic tomorrow night at the Leisure Centre, instead the club will be holding a fund-raiser for much needed sporting equipment.

Basic will be back to normal June 27.

On Wednesday the various cycling groups finally all met up at Bishop Cannings with Dave Brown, Alex Cowley and Dave Cleford leading the way.

The Sunday ride for the Devizes Festival proved very popular.

Cyclists came from as far as London to enjoy the scenic ride to North Newnton and Helie is already organising next year's event.


Plans are also well on the way for the 24-hour charity event next year, further details are available from Chris.


Due to demand, apart from the usual ride at 10.10am from the bottom of Caen Hill, there will be a regular beginners ride from the Wharf, Devizes at 10.30am.

New cyclists are welcome further details from Chris on (01380) 723698.

Congratulations to Jason and Lyndsay for achieving the NB boy after nine months' award a hard work.

This weekend gets Basic up and fully running on the Net with links into various news groups, including cycling and tarot.

There will also be an e-mail service to allow members to link up across the country.

Member of the week was Esther Starr from Ireland.

Further details available from Mandy Saddle



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