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Chris Franklin

on .

chris franklin in gambiachris franklin in gambia(update) Greetings and welcome to yet another version of my personal website built from a cf10ten template all I have to do is populate it! This will be done over the next few weeks and if you wish you can have a login to add your own page, blog, photos, video and so much more. Just drop me a line.

I am adding lots of photos to my albums so make sure you take a look at > photo albums and of course rate the ones you like or comment at the bottom to link into facebook.

Also take a look at the Blogs which are also written by my friends. If you want to try just log into the site with facebook and go to add blog on the admin menu on the left. If writing a blog its easier to write in word, gmail or other programme then copy and paste into your blog. *smile*

Features that come with a cf10ten website

Accessible templates suitable for smartphones, smart TV's and people like you.
A blog you can update via e-mails.
Photo & video gallery.
Automatically updates your facebook & twitter feeds.
Able to put on adverts.
A directory.
Front end edit with ability to drag your images to resize for a pop up.
Membership area.

Auto backup

and so much more  *smile*

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